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Intuition vs. Instincts

Hello friends,

I have been in the depths of trying to distinguish between my intuition vs. instincts lately.

It’s something I talk passionately about on social media, but admittedly, the deeper we get into exposing our conditioned beliefs and behaviors, the harder it seems to get since I’m at the depths of my core relational wounds.

The decision I’ve been grappling with for the past year is whether to open up my 6 year relationship and explore non-monogamy (my partner’s desire based on his own attachment trauma) or whether to end this relationship cleanly and begin all over again.

It’s been excruciatingly difficult to figure out which part of me is my intuition and which part of me is my conditioned instincts passed down by generational trauma.

The two warring parts of me were: 1) the part that wanted to completely break up and move on, honoring the vision of divine union that I’ve always wanted and 2) the part that wanted to expand and be open-minded about non-monogamy in case I was being completely “conditioned” by the societal standard of monogamy that has been sold as a one-size-fits-all model for everyone.

I’ve been able to move through this decision with the help of somatic tools like parts work and somatic experiencing to get clearer on what decision is most authentic to me.

I’ll be sharing these tools and learnings with you in my live workshop:

Intuition vs. Instincts

Thursday, November 10

5pm PST/ 8pm EST

Here’s the journal prompt that we will be working with:

What is a decision you have been going back and forth about?

You can join by becoming part of the Pheydrus Metaverse membership, where my dear friend Hae Jun hosts weekly live activations with myself and other guest experts.

You can use code "activation" to get the first month of the "Alignment" tier for $49, which includes 4 live workshops. Cancel anytime.

See you there!



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