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Somatic Spirit Journey

I guide you to transform trauma, so you can un-freeze from "good girl" perfectionism, take up space and authentically express your wildness.

3-Month 1:1 Somatic Healing Portal 

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This is for you if you're ready to...

  • Feel grounded speaking your truth, instead of fawning to avoid conflict and people-pleasing.

  • Make embodied choices, so that your heart, womb, and pussy feel aligned.

  • Re-claim your righteous rage and communicate boundaries effectively, so you can stop self-abandoning and feel safe in your body.

  • Trust your instincts and inner knowing, so you can release other people’s expectations and projections.

  • Deepen intimacy with your body, Spirit, ancestors and meaningful relationships, so you can transform co-dependent, avoidant, and/or disorganized relational dynamics into secure attachment.

  • Re-awaken sensuality and pleasure in your body, so you can expand your capacity to receive love.

  • Unleash your creativity and finally give yourself permission to pursue fulfilling, creative passions so you can be in flow and feel curious and inspired.

  • Relax and surrender into divine timing, instead of wasting excess energy stuck in hyper-vigilance and anxiety.

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The 1:1 Somatic Spirit Journey

An intentional portal inviting you to alchemize your sacred wounds into your gold.

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Freedom From Trauma

I teach you how to interpret your body's messages through its  6 channels of knowing, so you can get to the root of your physical and psychological symptoms. I guide you to release energy held in the body from childhood trauma, so you can see the subconscious stories that are still holding you back and change them.  I will hold you through deep trauma processing, so you can feel empowered to show up for your little self in the same way. Developing your ability to self-regulate, process big emotions, and trust your nervous system's design  liberates you from the voice of the inner critic that turns everything inward, allowing you to fully embody self-love and worthiness.

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Sacred Somatics

I teach you how to move big emotions, release stored trauma, and enhance sensuality and pleasure in your body through the medicine of mindful movement and ritual dance. You will develop your ability to discern subtle differences between your subconscious sensations, thoughts, desires, and emotions to honor your instincts and strengthen your intuition. Exploring shadows and embodying your light through intentional movement practice empowers you to stop people-pleasing, establish healthy boundaries, overcome your fear of judgment and the need to meet others' expectations.

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Aligned Attachment

I support you to re-write painful wounds, limiting beliefs, and disempowering stories developed in childhood. I help you discover healthy resources to re-pattern early attachment wounds from complicated family dynamics, so you can stop repeating the same patterns that re-traumatize these wounds. This supports you to experience deeper connection, safety, and finding "your people," so you can build secure relationships that feel reciprocal and abundant, rather than painful and draining.  You will learn tools to communicate authentically, build trust within yourself in relationships, and learn how to let your little self feel seen and heard, so you can soothe your fear of being abandoned, misunderstood, blamed, and rejected.

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Emotional Empowerment

I empower you to re-claim your sacred rage and grief through boundary work, relational exercises and somatic practices to make space for your inner child's big feelings. I serve as your compassionate witness, humbled to hold you in your experience and grateful to learn from your body's powerful wisdom. Allowing yourself to be seen in your power enables you to release the expectations that others have instilled in you, so you can expand your capacity to be seen, command attention, and take up space. You will learn to put yourself out there in a way that is tolerable for your nervous system, so you can find your voice and express yourself authentically, instead of playing small.

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Embodied Spirit

I help you connect with your soul, Spirit, God/Goddess, ancestors, and guides as resources to support your sense of safety, love, and connection in the world. Claim your own unique connection to Spirit, so you can break free from the "good" or "bad" inner critic from religious indoctrination that constricts you with guilt and shame. I guide you to deepen your relationship with those who came before you in your lineage, so you can have choice in healing what was passed down to you or respectfully sending it back. This exploration helps you understand how intergenerational trauma, epigenetics, and your cultural upbringing influence your struggles. This understanding helps you can claim a sense of belonging and guidance on your path.

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Your Inner Artist

I guide you to intimately attune to the different archetypes and inner children within you to heighten your intuition, creativity, and play. Let your inner child guide you home to yourself by honoring their sense of curiosity and wonder. I help you re-claim the wounded young parts that need your love by embodying them through ritual performance, sound, movement, art or whatever creative expression means to you. Let's disintegrate the idea that art must be "good" and embrace your inner artist.  Integrating your journey through your divine creativity allows you to discover your authentic expression and create from your uninhibited inspired self, rather than the self that feels limited by fears of external criticism and judgement.

Meet your guide:

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Tammy Chow

Trauma Healing and Soul Alignment Guide

Tammy is a Somatic Experiencing and Attachment Re-Patterning practitioner, Body Temple Dance facilitator, spiritual alignment guide, artist, and designer.

Her devotion to helping women heal from trauma is greatly inspired by her lived experience as a child of an alcoholic, and her journey of overcoming the bulimia, body-dysmorphia, severe depression, suicidal ideation, hypervigilance, anxiety, and low self-worth that plagued a third of her life.

Tammy's practice is a result of her transformative healing journey back to self and dedication as a facilitator and forever student of somatic therapy, embodied movement, art, connection with Spirit and ancestral guidance. 

Her work weaves together somatics, science, creativity and spirituality to help women transform trauma, reconnect with their intuition, and break free from the internalized expectations that keep them from experiencing the uninhibited expression, power, and expansiveness that is their birthright.


Nervous System Regulation





Trauma Release









Upon meeting Tammy I immediately felt her energy, love and vibrancy.  The universe knew I was in need of deep trauma healing and she was placed in my life.  From our first session, she had a loving essence and I felt as if I was talking to a best friend and soul sister who truly sees me for who I am and can relate to me on so many levels. I felt an instant connection with her and have no fear of vulnerability during our sessions.  Tammy's presence and support is like no other practitioner I have worked with in the past.  I've worked with a few therapist and this is honestly the first time I've come to a revelation of my inner child wounds, need for shadow work and and finding the courage to be my authentic self while feeling abundantly supported. My journey through the dark night of the soul has been an awakening, and without Tammy's guidance I'm not sure I would have braved through some of the worst moments these past few months. She is an incredible human being who holds enormous respect, tenderness and encouragement for everyone she works with. 

Adelina Chin

What you receive:

Tier 1: Gentle Guidance


1:1 Personalized Assessment 

  • A 25-minute 1:1 Discovery Call with Tammy to connect and understand your needs and see if it feels aligned for us to work together.

12 Somatic Spirit Sessions on Zoom

  • 1 Hour Somatic Spirit Sessions weaving together Somatic Experiencing, Non-Linear Movement, Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning Experience, Somatic IFS, Eating Psychology, Body Temple Dance, my intuitive life experience, and your spiritual guides to help you transform trauma into your Soul's gifts.

Life Is Art Digital Course

  • My 8-week self-study course that teaches you how to navigate your emotions through somatic artistry.

  • 5+ hours of recorded lessons including in-depth nervous system education, regulation exercises, tools to work through triggers, somatic practices, rage and grief rituals, life lessons I've learned on this path, a live-recorded ritual art class to connect to your authentic self, and course workbook with journaling prompts and exercises.

Tier 2: Soulful Support

Includes everything in Tier 1 PLUS...

Talk and Text Support between Sessions

  • Ongoing support in between sessions on the Voxer app to guide you through triggers and/or continue to encourage, inspire, and hold space for you on your journey.

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