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I guide women to transform trauma and liberate themselves from fear, perfectionism, and people-pleasing, so they can authentically speak their truth and embody their wildness.

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I lead women like you back to that powerful inner voice you know you can't ignore. The one that is clear on your boundaries, non-negotiables, authenticity and worth. I help you embrace all parts of yourself, so you can offer the fullness of the gifts you bring to this world.


You are a whole being - mind, body, and soul.

My approach is getting your body and mind back in harmony through somatic therapy, a bottom-up approach that works to release long-held trauma from the body.


Somatic therapy (incorporating mind-body connection) played a massive role in my decades long healing journey. So much so that I’ve made it my life’s work to help others with this practice.


Sessions with me include connection, somatic experiencing, trauma release, attachment re-patterning, movement, hanging out with your inner child, grounding exercises, re-writing old stories, and creating new neural pathways.


Together we’ll rewire your subconscious patterns so you can remember who you came here to be.

Ways to work with me



My 12-week somatic coaching container to guide you back to who you truly are.



My 6-month group program for women who are ready to be free from the conditioning of the patriarchy.

Awakening the Wild Woman


I created this course to help you move through freeze and process your rage and grief, so you can regulate your nervous system and unblock your life force energy. Embrace the state of "being" while on your journey of "becoming" your Highest Self.

Life Is Art: Embody Your Soul's Purpose

Upon meeting Tammy I immediately felt her energy, love and vibrancy.  One of her videos came across my IG feed and I resonated with one her shares about her childhood relationship with her mom.  The universe knew I was in need of deep trauma healing and she was placed in my life.  From our first session, she had a loving essence and I felt as if I was talking to a best friend and soul sister who truly sees me for who I am and can relate to me on so many levels. I felt an instant connection with her and have no fear of vulnerability during our sessions.  Tammy's presence and support is like no other practitioner I have worked with in the past.  I've worked with a few therapist and this is honestly the first time I've come to a revelation of my inner child wounds, need for shadow work and and finding the courage to be my authentic self while feeling abundantly supported. My journey through the dark night of the soul has been an awakening, and without Tammy's guidance I'm not sure I would have braved through some of the worst moments these past few months. She is an incredible human being who holds enormous respect, tenderness and encouragement for everyone she works with. 

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I spent a third of my life riding the highs and lows of extreme depression, bulimia, body dysmorphia, low self-worth, sexual trauma, and suicidal ideation. I confidently assume that I could have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, ADD, and borderline personality disorder. 

However, I was never "diagnosed" with anything because I was raised in a Chinese family where mental health was never really discussed. I never made it into a therapist's office in my adolescence.


My dad was an alcoholic, and I was told that he was destined to be an alcoholic forever. And that was that. 


I had no language to explain the cocktail of emotions I experienced in my teens as a result of my dad's alcoholism - the sneaking around, lying, explosive arguments with my mom, gaslighting, depression, and rage. All of this mixed with the loving, funny, child-like spirit that he was when he was sober.

I didn't have the knowledge to make connections between my family dynamics and my own behaviors, blaming myself for being a complete failure of a person. 


When I moved to New York for college, my concoction of drugs, alcohol, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, promiscuity and Vyvanse were my escape from the emotions that I had yet to process.

I went through many tumultuous relationships, and used my body sexually as a means to receive the "love" that I craved so badly. But the deep feeling of emptiness that I'd always felt only magnified, while re-triggering sexual trauma I experienced throughout my early adulthood.

I was exhausted living in the prison of my restrictive eating disorder, but my stomach would not hold food down and extended to three times its normal size for months at a time. Any doctor I went to told me that this bloating was “normal.”

I experienced ongoing suicidal thoughts and intense social anxiety since beginning Vyvanse, but when I expressed my concern to the psychologist who wrote my prescription, he told me these side effects were also “normal.”


I knew something was up, and I was desperate for help.

My alternative path of healing led me to understand the intimate tie between our bodies and our emotional world, specifically trauma. I learned that I had dissociated and "escaped" my body at an early age in order to cope, and I was living much of my life in a state of immobility and freeze. All of my symptoms and "disorders" were tied to much deeper emotional wounds that I had suppressed for many years. 

My practice is informed by the tumultuous highs and lows I've faced through my own lived experience, spiritual journey, and the transformative alignment that I found through somatic therapy.


I had no idea that the path of healing my trauma would open me up to a profound connection with my intuition and inner guidance. It resulted in me finding purpose in my work, art, relationships and led me to the place I now call home.

My deepest desire is helping women remember their sovereignty, so they can live from a place of intuition instead of fear. I am in awe every day by the inner wisdom that emerges, as I witness women like myself coming back home to their bodies.


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