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Navigating Emotions Through Somatic Artistry

I created this 8-week self-study course to help you alchemize your emotions instead of suppress them. I teach you how to move through fight, flight, and freeze to experience the wisdom that your body is trying to teach you through your sacred rage and grief. Your purpose here is not to endlessly achieve, but to experience how to simply be.


This is for you if you're ready to...

Regulate your nervous system to be in the present moment

Move through rage and grief as portals leading you closer to your truth.

Release fear and control, cultivating trust in the universe's plan for you.

Tune into your body and let your intuition guide you to your purpose.

Expand your nervous system’s capacity to access more creativity, ease, and flow.

Connect with your inner child and be led by curiosity and play.

Start living the life you want now, instead of waiting to “figure it all out”.

Meet Your Teacher:

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Tammy Chow

Trauma Healing and Soul Alignment Guide

I lived in a dissociative state of freeze for half of my life that I used to call “depression.”


I thought I was broken for experiencing emotions like anger, sadness, anxiety and numbness most of the time.


I spent so much of my life escaping with alcohol and drugs, and engaging in self-harm because my rage had nowhere to go but inwards.


When I discovered somatics and learned how to regulate my nervous system, my entire world changed.


Combining nervous system education with somatic practices to release trauma connected my logical mind to my body’s feelings so I could move these emotions to re-claim my life-force energy.


Here’s what I did:


I learned about the nervous system’s activation cycle, polyvagal theory, and the body’s 5 channels of knowing (sensations, images, movement, emotions, and meaning) so I could logically understand how to work with my body.


Practiced orienting exercises to show my brain that I was no longer in threat from my past.


Incorporated regular non-linear movement rituals into my life to allow my body to release stuck trauma and re-wire old patterns.


Developed creative practices to expand my nervous system’s capacity to handle stressors by resourcing it with creativity, curiosity, pleasure, and play.


Re-claimed my rage and grief as sacred emotions that are portals leading me closer to my truth.


Got clear on my Authentic Code to filter all my time, energy, and resources through the 4 pillars that are most aligned with my soul's mission.


Connected with my ancestors to understand my purpose in the timeline of my own lineage.

Connected with other people in community on the same journey.

Having these tools to move through stuck emotions allowed me to transform my pain into a lifelong passion to teach others how to do the same.

My mission is to help you learn how to move through freeze, process rage and grief, and regulate your nervous system to re-claim your precious life from the system that has made you believe that you are "broken."


Experience the state of “being” while on your journey of “becoming” your Highest Self.


This course is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking freedom through emotional regulation. It's packed with 5+ hours of nervous system education and somatic exercises, crafted to both increase your capacity for flow and educate you on your journey getting back into your body.


Week 1 - Understanding the Nervous System

I teach you in depth about how the nervous system functions through understanding Polyvagal Theory and the activation cycle. I also take you through exercises to tune into your body's 5 Channels of Knowing, which helps you sharpen your intuition. 

Week 2 - Working through Triggers

I teach you how to un-couple emotions that are causing stuckness in your body through various methods of working with pendulation.

Week 3 - Movement

I guide you through the natural rhythm of your body to release trauma through non-linear movement.

Week 4 - Holding the Paradox

I share life lessons that I learned through my art and how it taught me to stop clutching onto some end goal of "success." I guide you through exercises to embrace the natural expansions and contractions of your nervous system to experience more flow.

Week 5 - Leading with Curiosity

I guide you through practices to nurture your inner artist and start leading with curiosity, so you can expand to possibilities your rational mind can't even plan. I take you through a live-recorded 2 hour ceremony where we use art to get in touch with authentic self.

Week 6 - Boundaries and Balance

I coach you to regain balance in your life by identifying where you can create boundaries to stop draining your energy.

 Week 7 - Death and Re-Birth

I guide you through ritual movement and exercises to re-claim your sacred rage and grief, so you can fully claim your authenticity. You will discover the 4 pillars that are the essence of your Authentic Code.

 Week 8 - Ancestral Gifts

I help you put into context where you are in your lineage in relation to those who came before you, so you can open up a portal to begin receiving guidance from your ancestors.

What you receive:

5+ Hours of recorded lessons including:

Nervous system and Polyvagal Theory education

Exercises to regulate your nervous system

Tools to work through triggers

Somatic practices to expand your window of tolerance

Movement practices to move rage, grief, and release trauma

Guided meditations to experience the present moment

Life lessons I've learned from following this path

Live class recording to connect to your inner artist

Course workbook with journaling prompts and exercises

Sacred Circle community group discussion to connect with other members

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