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I guide women to transform trauma and liberate themselves from fear, perfectionism, and people-pleasing, so they can authentically speak their truth and embody their wildness.

6 Month Program with Tammy Chow

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This is for you if you're ready to...

  • Become more confident and fierce, learn to take up more space, put yourself first, be seen, and stop people-pleasing.

  • Unleash your creativity, find your voice and finally give yourself permission to pursue fulfilling, creative passions so you can be in flow and feel alive.

  • Heal your relationship to trauma and manage your anxiety, anger and hypervigilance so you can be present, feel a sense of inner peace and feel like you are enough.

  • Connect more deeply with others to attract relationships and opportunities that align with your soul's purpose, so you can build community to heal yourself, others, and the collective.

  • Awaken the Wild Woman within you by following your calling and living your truth so you can be an example for others to live an authentic purposeful life.

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The Somatic Spirit Journey

A healing container that attends to your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual bodies as a whole.

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Freedom From Trauma

I will teach you how to navigate your nervous system with polyvagal theory, embodied movement, regulation exercises and nervous system education to help heal trauma. This will give you the tools to self-regulate, so you can feel a sense of inner peace and safety. Feeling this felt sense of safety and acceptance helps quiet the voice of the inner critic that turns everything inward, allowing you to love and accept yourself and feel worthy.

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Sacred Somatics

I will teach you how to move your emotions, release tension-holding patterns from trauma, enhance pleasure in your body, and call in manifestations through guided movement practices. You will develop your ability to discern subtler differences between your subconscious sensations, thoughts, and emotions detected in your mind, body, and spirit. This will enable you to consciously choose to stop people-pleasing, establish healthy boundaries, and overcome your fear of judgment and the need to meet others' expectations.

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Magnetism Mindset

Learn the powerful process for manifesting that led me from living with chronic imposter syndrome to building enough self-worth to create the life of my inner child's dreams. I will teach you how to overcome self-doubt that causes you to hold yourself back and feel undeserving of good things. You will learn how to reverse feelings of emptiness and fill your life with growth and passion to rediscover yourself.

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Aligned Attachment

I will show you how to work towards a secure attachment in relationships. This will allow you to experience deeper connection, safety, and build community. You will learn tools to feel seen, heard, and build trust in relationships. This will help you to stop reacting out of fear of being abandoned, misunderstood, blamed, or rejected. I will also help you practice taking risks and being received in a group setting to re-pattern early attachment wounds.

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Fearless Authenticity

I will coach you to release the expectations that others have instilled in you, so you can learn how to be seen, command attention, and take up more space. You will expand your capacity to put yourself out there in a way that is consistent and tolerable for your nervous system. This will help you find your voice and feel safe expressing yourself freely, instead of staying small.

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Embodied Spirit

I will help you connect with your Soul, Spirit, ancestors, and guides to enhance your sense of safety, love, and connection in your body. I will guide you to deepen your relationship with spirituality through embodiment practices that support your trauma healing journey.

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Your Inner Artist

I will guide you in regulating your nervous system and expressing yourself fully by building your creative muscles through artistic practices that reignite your intuition, creativity, and play. These practices aim to help you create from your uninhibited self, so you can rediscover yourself and be celebrated for who you truly are.

Meet Your Teacher:

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Tammy Chow

Trauma Healing and Soul Alignment Guide

Tammy is a Somatic Experiencing and Attachment Re-Patterning practitioner, Body Temple Dance facilitator, spiritual alignment guide, artist, and designer.

Her devotion to helping women heal from trauma is greatly inspired by her lived experience as a child of an alcoholic, and her journey of overcoming the bulimia, body-dysmorphia, severe depression, suicidal ideation, hypervigilance, anxiety, and low self-worth that plagued a third of her life.

Tammy's practice is a result of her transformative healing journey back to self and dedication as a facilitator and forever student of somatic therapy, embodied movement, art, connection with Spirit and ancestral guidance. 

Her work weaves together somatics, science, creativity and spirituality to help women transform trauma, reconnect with their intuition, and break free from the internalized expectations that keep them from experiencing the uninhibited expression, power, and expansiveness that is their birthright.


Nervous System Regulation




Trauma Release










Guest Teachers:


Adriana Rizzolo

As the founder of Body Temple, spiritual mentor, somatic healer, sex educator for women, trans* and non binary folks, speaker, grief and aliveness doula, Tantric meditation, energy healing and embodied movement facilitator, Adriana helps people heal trauma and patterns of helplessness, awaken their power and feel at home in their bodies to start living life in alignment with their souls offerings and sexy, secure relationships.


Maya Rose

Maya Rose specializes in supporting individuals and groups to build nourishing intimacy and deep love with self, other and Earth. It is her passion to nurture the raw and authentic expression of the body’s truth and creativity, utilizing Embodiment Coaching, Somatic Sex Education, emotional healing, breathwork and song. Maya specializes in supporting women who desire self empowerment and relational repairs, as well as those who have a deep longing to reignite their voice & sensual joy in wholeness and love.


Melina Seeto

Melina is a queer, mixed race Somatic Experiencing Practitioner ™ and Earth Based Embodied Awakening Teacher. The past 10 years they’ve studied mysticism and mythology, assisting and guiding retreats for women, and supporting individuals to find safety and healing through the intelligence of their bodies. They have a deep love for working with attachment, belonging, plants, ancestral and trauma healing and, learning how to weave the sacred into practical every day living for deeper meaning, ease, joy and secure attachment to self, community and life.


Ellen Ronis

Ellen is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Authentic Movement facilitator of nearly four decades. She is also a Certified Pilates Instructor, long time Yoga practitioner, a Certified Core Energetics practitioner and lover of all things Dance. She has helped tens of thousands of people feel better in their body, mind and soul. She is an artist and a writer who has ADHD and anxiety. Through her own experience, education, research and Intuition, she has discovered ways to alleviate her anxiety by getting out of her overthinking mind and inhabiting the physical body allowing for calm, ease and clarity.


Maya Keane

Maya Keane is a classically trained Homeopathic Practitioner, certified Breathwork Facilitator, and Flower Remedy Practitioner. She incorporates what she's learned from formal training and dedicated study, the wisdom she gains from her own healing journey and life experiences, as well as inspiration from nature into her offerings. Maya supports her clients worldwide through her one-on-one sessions and group offerings where she holds loving space for others to tend to their wholeness and heal.


Upon meeting Tammy I immediately felt her energy, love and vibrancy.  One of her videos came across my IG feed and I resonated with one her shares about her childhood relationship with her mom.  The universe knew I was in need of deep trauma healing and she was placed in my life.  From our first session, she had a loving essence and I felt as if I was talking to a best friend and soul sister who truly sees me for who I am and can relate to me on so many levels. I felt an instant connection with her and have no fear of vulnerability during our sessions.  Tammy's presence and support is like no other practitioner I have worked with in the past.  I've worked with a few therapist and this is honestly the first time I've come to a revelation of my inner child wounds, need for shadow work and and finding the courage to be my authentic self while feeling abundantly supported. My journey through the dark night of the soul has been an awakening, and without Tammy's guidance I'm not sure I would have braved through some of the worst moments these past few months. She is an incredible human being who holds enormous respect, tenderness and encouragement for everyone she works with. 

Adelina Chin

What you receive:

Tier 1: Group Program


1:1 Personalized Assessment 

  • A 60-minute 1:1 Assessment Call with Tammy to connect and understand your needs and goals to get the most out of this program.

18 Live Group Coaching Sessions on Zoom

  • Live 1.5-2 hour Group Coaching Sessions with Tammy  that include learning from guest teachers, sacred rituals, experiential exercises, trauma coaching, group therapy, discussions and Q&A to heal from trauma, practice taking risks, manifest, and co-regulate in a supportive cohort.

  • Live 1.5-2 hour Somatic Movement classes with Tammy and guest teachers to release trauma through movement modalities including Non-Linear Movement Method, Body Temple, and Authentic Movement.

The Awakening the Wild Woman Video Modules and Workbook 

  • Lifetime Access to Tammy’s self-paced digital course Awakening the Wild Woman, a weaving together of psychology, spirituality, nervous system healing, embodied movement, and creativity that Tammy uses in her personal practice and with clients to move past trauma to create a fulfilling, purposeful life.

  • Includes 12+ modules that will be released bi-weekly of recorded video lessons, somatic exercises, meditations, workbooks, reading list and recommendations for additional resources and healers that have impacted Tammy and her work.

Community Group

  • Awakening the Wild Women Community membership to connect with other powerful women like you to share experiences, ask Tammy questions, answer prompts, and offer reflections.

  • Placement in a small accountability group throughout the 6-month program to have weekly check-ins in a safe container.

Tier 2: VIP Program

Includes everything in Tier 1 PLUS...

6 Private Somatic Healing Sessions 

  • 1:1 Somatic Healing Sessions with Tammy for personalized guidance and trauma release to support you specifically on your journey. This time is designed to give you focused attention on your personal blocks.

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