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Let's embark on a

A somatic coaching container to guide you back to who you truly are.


Hi! I'm Tammy.

I am a Trauma Healing and Soul Alignment Guide. I teach women how to heal their nervous systems to find energetic alignment and embody who their Soul came here to be.

While my work incorporates principles from Somatic Experiencing, Attachment re-patterning, Eating Psychology, IFS, and Compassionate Inquiry, my practice is greatly informed by my own personal healing journey as a child of an alcoholic, who experienced sexual, religious, and racial trauma throughout my childhood. 

I struggled with IBS, bulimia, body dysmorphia, suicidal ideation, severe depression, hyper-vigilance and anxiety as symptoms of my unprocessed trauma. 

Gathering from my own healing and work with clients, I passionately believe the body has an innate capacity to heal itself, given the right conditions and tools.


I teach women how to healthily move difficult emotions, self-regulate, access inner wisdom and follow their joy. I am on a mission to help women reclaim the sovereignty that is their birthright.


Our time together includes:

12 weekly sessions

Light assignments specifically for you.

Continued support via voice note, text, and/or email in between sessions.

Lifetime access to my digital courses Life Is Art.

Access to one-off sessions after our container.



This is for you if:

You're ready to explore the emotional root of your body's symptoms.

You've been in talk therapy for years and you're ready for something deeper.

You are limited by imposter syndrome and the belief that you are “not good enough.”

You feel stuck in anxiety, incessant thought loops, numbing behaviors, and depression.

You have trouble stating your needs and setting clear boundaries.

You attract relationships that drain your energy and trigger core wounds.

You have trouble "being yourself" in social settings.

And you want to:

Find energetic alignment in your career, creativity, and relationships.

Feel magnetic, inspired, and connected to your High Self-Worth.

Feel safe expressing your preferences and asking for help.

Attract soul-aligned opportunities and relationships that nourish you.

Lead with intuition and choose courage over fear.

Embody your Authentic Self!

Somatic Experiencing

Nervous System Regulation

Releasing Stored Trauma

Attachment Re-patterning

Accessing Intuition

Energetic Alignment

Eating Psychology

Embodied Movement

Deep Visualization

Parts Work

Re-parenting the Inner Child

Forging New Neural Pathways

Reflection and Light Assignments​



Tammy gave me what no one else could provide, a safe place to validate, process, and most of all feel my emotions. Through my healing journey, I uncovered a lot of unfelt emotions and reflections on situations and experiences I pushed way down. By giving me the space to express them, Tammy helped me to visualize and move the energy through my body in order to release the imprint of trauma in my body and rewrite my story. Most of all it was so healing and nourishing to my soul to go back to my inner child and provide messages of love, safety, and validation. Now as experiences happen that elicit strong emotion, it's easier to sit with them and use my physical body to allow the space for these emotions and healthily express and process. In addition it was so powerful to expand my experiences to the generations before me, immediate and ancestral. It was another way to grow and heal as I gained insight to those who invalidated me or those who didn't provide a safe place when I was growing up.  Tammy's work was so powerful and life changing. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her to receive so much wisdom and warmth. Without her, I would not have allowed the space for myself to process and allow new light and energy to flow freely in my body! I am forever grateful!


You are a whole being - mind, body and soul.

You bring your unique gifts to the world when you are in alignment.

Let's rewire your subconscious beliefs so you can experience more creativity, confidence, and flow in your life.


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