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A 2-part online live workshop to explore authenticity in relating and the foundations for healthy attachment.


Hosted by Tammy Chow and Zori Tomova.

October 26 @ 10am-12pm PST

How can we learn to love ourselves without control?


It starts with cultivating sacred union within and coming back to secure attachment with ourselves and Source, Spirit, God, Goddess...

And practicing how to relate to others from a place of authenticity instead of fear.

What I'm inspired to create from my deepest heart's desire is a space for you to feel empowered to use your voice - a space where we can collaborate together to be in the unknown and move towards more feminine leadership and connection. 

I'm holding this donation-based community workshop for us to experience a sense of secure attachment together during this time of grief and confusion.

Looking forward to being in togetherness with you. 

November 2 @ 10am-12pm PST

How can we honour our truth, and welcome that of another?

How can we create the kind of intimacy that opens space for us to bring all of ourselves?

Explore the art of authentic relating in a spirit of wholeness, embodiment and truth speaking through the practice of Circling.

In this workshop, we slow down and turn towards our present moment experience in relating with others. In this way, w
e get to watch to watch what is alive for us here and now, how we impact and are impacted by one another, and our organic collective intelligence leads us in discovering and meeting the themes and patterns that most need our attention.

In doing this, we will explore 5 principles that help create deeper intimacy with others without abandoning yourself.

Donation based

Donation based

Donation based

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